Conference Scope

Theme: Superhero in the Age of Transnationalism




Migration and Diaspora

Identity in Transcultural Society

Superhero in the Digital Humanities

Superhero Multiculturalism in Global Society

Other Related Themes



Superhero Characters in Children’s Literature

Cyber Literature in the era of Transnationalism

Migrant Literature and Transnationalism

Literature and Diaspora

Superhero Fan-fiction

Deconstruction in Superhero-themed texts

Other Related Themes



Linguistics and Sociocultural Feature in Superhero-themed texts

Linguistics and Visual Language

Multimodal Analysis in Movie Poster

Power and Ideology in Superhero-themed texts

Semiotics in Superhero-themed texts

Adapting Superhero in Video Games Localization

Translating Superhero-themed Texts to Different Cultures

Comics and Translation

Other Related Themes



Language Teaching Methodology in the Age of Transnationalism

Utilizing Superhero Concept in Teaching Material Development

Superhero-inspired Innovation in Language Teaching

Outcome-based Learning

Language Education and Policy

Superhero and Teaching-learning Motivation

Digital Teaching Media

Other Related Themes

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