International Conference on Language, Linguistics, and Literature (COLALITE) 2020

November 12, 2020 – November 13, 2020

International Online Conference on Language, Linguistics, And Literature (COLALITE) 2020: Superhero in the Age of Transnationalism

Superheroes have special parts in our hearts. Our childhood fantasies were occupied by them, and  even as adults, our mind are still wishing for their presence. For ages, our dreams of superheroes have been pouring down, spreading through words of mouth, filling up the pages of books, and engraving sheets of papers and celluloids. More recently, they find a way to surf in our media, connecting people from different nations who share the same idea that there will be special people with special powers to solve world’s problems. These superheroes, regardless their questionable reality, have reminded us that we need to put aside our differences and work together to make our world a better place. Their presence in our cultures, literatures and languages, therefore, deserves to be acknowledged in a special academic venue. However, bringing these compelling issues into academic atmosphere through narrow-limited conference is still a rarity.

The biennial Conference of Language, Linguistics and Literature (COLALITE) always attempts to accommodate intriguing themes. This year, the 4th international COLALITE presents “Superhero in the Age of Transnationalism” to accommodate the growing interest of superhero texts analyses in the fields of cultural studies, literary studies, linguistics and education. For this very reason, the 4th COLALITE encourages researchers, authors, academic practitioners, and those who are interested in exploring this issue to participate in the conference. However, due to Covid-19 Pandemic, 4th COLALITE 2020 is going to be conducted online.

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