LIONG conference (Literature innovation in Chinese Language)

October 19, 2021 – October 20, 2021

  • “Liong is a manifestation of Chinese culture that is believed to bring fortune and goodness. In practice, Liong is used as one of the performances for Chinese New Year celebrations which is still preserved today. Liong performance blends with the music to excite performers and the audience. Liong performance is expected to bring good luck and give spirit to life. As one of the Chinese cultural practices that have merged with Indonesian culture, Liong has become something "iconic".
  • The 1st LIONG conference (Literature Innovation in Chinese Language) attempts to accommodate intriguing themes. This year, we present “Challenges of Online Learning during Pandemic Era” to accommodate the growing interest of Literature Innovation analyses in the fields of cultural studies, literary studies, linguistics and education in Chinese Language. For this very reason, the 1st LIONG Conference encourages researchers, authors, academic practitioners, and those who are interested in exploring this issue to participate in the conference. Accordingly, the sub themes are provided as follows Innovation in:
    1. Teaching Language
    2. Linguistic
    3. Literature
    4. Culture
    5. Education
    6. Applied Linguistic

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